Enough Said is a truly cute date night movie!

To begin the inaugural movie review post to this blog, I chose the movie Enough Said for reviewing. This movie is JAmes Gandolfini’s last film before his untimely death in June. The movie stars both he and Julia Louis-Dreyfuss was two single 40-somethign divorcees about to become empty nesters as both their children prepare to leave for college. Dreyfus’s Eva is a travelling massuse  who meets Gandolfini’s Albert at a party claiming to not be attracted to anyone at the party. Then to her surprise, Eva is told by the host of the party that Albert liked her and wanted to ask her out. Shortly after they begin dating, she meets Marianne, a massage client she picked up at the party. During their sessions, Marianne rails on and on about her unnamed ex-husband. Later, after Eva meets Albert’s daughter for lunch, when she is at Marianne’s for a session, she discovers that Albert’s daughter is Marianne’s daughter putting together that Albert is the ex-husband Marianne talks about. She confides in her best friend the unbelieveable news and her friend tells her to think of her as a relationship TripAdvisor. Eva proceeds to continue dating Albert only for the negativity Marianne feels for Albert sets in and compromises her relationship with Albert resulting in a disastrous double date with Eva’s best friend Sarah and her husband Will. Later Albert while at Marianne’s picking up their daughter finds Eva there uncovering the truth about Eva’s new attitude toward him and they break up. They daughters eventually leave for college and after some time Eva and Albert begin to patch things up between them, ready for what appears to be another go at dating.


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